Fly A Way Farm was purchased in September 1975 as a country home and
private landing strip from the Lackey Family.  Soybeans and other crops
were grown on the farm until the first pine seedlings were planted in
1986.  The farm has an aviation history that dates to 1930.

Barnstormer Brigadier General Leslie G. Mulzer previously owned the
property that is now known as Fly A Way Farm.  He occasionally used the
airstrip to commute to his flying service in Columbus, Ohio.  Born in Powell,
Ohio in 1897 Mulzer enlisted in Battery B, First Ohio Field Artillery in June of
1916, where he served with the 37th Division in France during World War I
and participated in four major engagements.

Released from active duty at the end of World War I, General Mulzer took
an active interest in the Air Corps Reserve and from 1920 until 1940 was
president and treasurer of the Mulzer Flying Service, Inc. of Sullivant
Avenue in Columbus.  General Mulzer’s Ford Trimotor is pictured at left.
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