Canaan Fir
Abies balsamea var. phanerolepis (Fern.)

The northern, close cousin of the North Carolina Fraser fir.  Beautiful
dark green, short, soft needles arranged in a bottle brush fashion,
with a silver underside. The trees have an open architecture that
allows maximum versatility in decorating limbs that are study enough
to hold most ornaments. Canaan Fir trees emit a pleasing citrus-like
aroma. Needle retention is excellent.
Scotch Pine
Pinus sylvestris L

The favorite Christmas tree of the Midwest. It has strong limbs, short
to medium length, moderately stiff needles and a sturdy trunk. It will
handle almost any weight ornament.  Freshly harvested, it will retain
its needles well through the Christmas season.  It needs to be
mechanically shaken to release old needles from its interior, a service
we provide at no cost.
Eastern White Pine
Pinus strobus L.

A beautiful, green, lighter weight, long, soft needled tree. Limbs are
more supple than the Scotch pine, lending themselves to lighter
decorations, ribbons, and tinsel. Needle retention is good when
freshly harvested.
Tree Types
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